Woody Allen Case Study

Curing Technophobia

Before coming to us, Woody Allen was all over the web. He was everywhere. The only problem was that "he" wasn’t actually him. His brand and voice had been hijacked by anybody who cared to open a Twitter or Facebook account - even woodyallen.com was actually two college students from Iceland.

Fans ourselves, we implored Woody to get involved and retake his brand. He couldn't have been less interested in anything digital - webs were for spiders and he wasn't wild about those either. The term technological ignoramus was proudly bandied about. After a little pleading - really shameless groveling - we pitched Woody a plan to create an official digital presence that could enable him to transition his established brand online.

Finding his (Digital) Voice

Digital extension isn’t about technology. It’s about translating a brand’s authentic voice. And you can’t get more authentic than Woody’s voice.

So that’s exactly where we started. We proposed that Woody begin his digital journey by recording 73 of his iconic, short stories - his own words, in his own voice for the first time. After some convincing, Woody agreed to a ClearMetrics digital strategy - rather significant considering he had yet to film a movie in stereo.

We brought Woody and the project to Amazon.com's business unit Audible.com, and they agreed it was a little bit of genius from a genius. As did the Apple iTunes store. They both began distributing “The Woody Allen Collection" and it was an instant popular and critical success. Like selling hotcakes to a starving populous.

Booking a Bigger Stage

We were careful not to over-sell the brand; sometimes going too far can be just as bad as not going far enough.

Woody’s fans wouldn’t respond to Flash banners and QR codes the way other brand aficionados might. All Woody needed was the right calling card: a simple, visual branding that fans could instantly identify as officially his. We developed a logo with, what else, his glasses. And we gave him a blank-ish canvas for his work

Once fans began to assemble around this new stage, we shifted the focus of the site to feature exclusive information on Woody’s latest projects.

The Applause

With the launch of his new website and a slew of well-orchestrated articles in the media, The Woody Allen Collection became an instant, revenue-generating digital brand extension. And what else did this do for Woody? Nothing, really. Except for returning control of his brand and introducing a whole new generation to another facet of his work. Oh yeah, and that Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Word Album.